Willy’s Cider

Willy’s Cider



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Client: Willy’s Cider

Agency: Gemma Bell PR

Media: Creative copy to accompany a press release

Key aim: To add a creative dimension to a press release

What we did

Gemma Bell PR asked for our help with writing a story to accompany their press release for Chase Distillery brand, Willy’s Cider. We created a short, tongue-in-cheek tale about the origins of the cider, which was used as part of the release to capture the attention of the recipients.

What we wrote

Deep in rural Herefordshire, Farmer Willy grows apples on his rich and fertile land. Like most local farmers, Willy’s got a taste for cider, but there’s only so much scrumpy one man can drink. He wants to try something new: a sparkling, grown-up cider that everyone wants to taste.

One ripe harvest, he shuts himself in his Wonky Barn and starts to experiment. Using 18 types of traditional apples grown on his land, Willy brews his cider in old oak vats. Tasting his creations as he goes, soon it’s more than just the barn that’s looking wonky! Finally, inspiration strikes when he adds some fresh fruit juice right at the end. Willy found the perfect recipe: a refined, crisp and refreshing cider that’s not like all the rest.

‘They say my farm is fuelled by cider,’ says Willy, with a hiccup. ‘I think it’s because I’m so good at making it.’

That’s Willy’s story, and he’s sticking to it!

“We were recommended That Said when we needed a copywriter to help draft a story about a new cider made in Herefordshire. Anne-Marie was a pleasure to work with – very efficient, and helpful with recommendations towards the brief, which was great as it added another dimension to the finished piece.”Alice Grier, Gemma Bell PR