iris Worldwide

Client: Samsung

Agency: iris

Media: App content

Key aim: Keep Samsung customers informed and engaged

What we did

For four months we supported global advertising agency, iris, in creating content for Samsung’s flagship myGalaxy app. From device tips and tricks to articles about new products, we kept customers engaged with fresh daily content.

What we wrote

On the go with Jack Monroe
For intrepid food blogger Jack Monroe, discovering ingredients, experimenting in the kitchen and crafting recipes are all in a day’s work. And with followers hungry for new posts, Jack needs versatile tech that can keep up – all day long.

Introducing the Galaxy TabPro S. With the power of a laptop and the freedom of a tablet, it’s Jack’s perfect companion in the kitchen and beyond.

With up to 10.5 hours battery life, the super-slim TabPro S goes everywhere with Jack. Whether snapping photos of colourful veg at the market or tweeting on the bus home, LTE connectivity means Jack’s 24,000 avid Instagram fans are always within reach.

Back home in the kitchen, a speedy processor and Windows 10 Pro operating system mean the TabPro S can multitask as fast as Jack does – from recording videos to flipping through recipes. And when it’s time to update Jack’s website, Cooking on a Bootstrap, the full keyboard and crystal clear 12-inch display make the TabPro S feel just like a laptop.

When your work and play get intertwined, it’s the capable companion you need in your hand – all day, everyday.

“Bethan & Anne-Marie…The team have had nothing but praise for you and your work over the past few months and have genuinely enjoyed working with you. You’ll both be sorely missed and a tough act to follow. Thank you, it’s been much appreciated.”Olly Bryan, Group Account Director at iris